BEE Champions

BEE Champions are individuals, organizations, and corporations who believe in BEE’s goal and signed-up to help promote BEE; serve as ambassadors and spokespersons; serve as a resource; Help mobilize public and grassroots support; establish local chapters; educate and enroll others into BEE family.

What is A BEE Champions Chapter?

BEE Champions Chapters are a BEE accredited grassroots chapters of BEE established and run by BEE supporters and volunteers. BEE chapters inform and mobilize individuals to join and support BEE; mobilize individuals and companies to bring their financial resources into Black Economic Unity pool or the Black Wealth Fund; promote the Black brand; help their communities develop business proposals and get access to capital, and actively participate in various activities proposed by BEE.

How to participate

Anybody who believes in the grand and noble BEE goal can participate in the initiative in several ways.

1. Become marketing and a sales associate(Enroll as a sales associate and for the CPBEE program and get 10% Commission):
2. Become a champion (Benefits include getting priority access for funding and employment):
3. Become a volunteer in BEE (Benefits include getting priority access for funding and employment)