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Black Economy Excellence has launched the first of its kind and unique global virtual marketplace which has dedicated 100% of its proceeds for social purposes. Furthermore, for the first time ever, PurposeBlack came up with a brand-new model known as Profit Sharing Membership Program (PSMP) for its lifetime subscribing members. PSMP is an outside of the box model where PurposeBlack included its lifetime customers in a profit-sharing scheme. This is the first time that this type of venture has ever been attempted where a company distributes profits to its customers. This is what caring looks like –caring for our communities, while at the same time, caring for our customers. This is a new model that is developed to provide long lasting remedy to address the economic problems of Black people.

The PurposeBlack Marketplace (PBM) initiative is for people who want to live with purpose and impact other people’s lives and make a difference in communities. The PurposeBlack is going to be the largest and only global marketplace established for the community of shoppers and sellers that live with purpose. What makes ProposeBlack marketplace distinct is every sale and purchase that takes place on the marketplace is contributing to the goal of creating one million Black millionaires in the coming ten years and thus improving the economic situation of Black people. 100% of the proceeds that are generated using PurposeBlack marketplace will 

be invested directly to sponsor new and existing Black businessmen to help them become Black millionaires. Therefore, people will be shopping with the purpose knowing that every penny they spend is sponsoring the next Black millionaire.

Also, sellers that sell at PurposeBlack know that the sale of their products on the platform is also sponsoring the next Black millionaires. This is the first time this type of venture has ever been created. People can become members for free just to shop at the market and help Black people’s businesses. Or they can be paying members 

($100/year) where they will get up to 40% discount on items they buy and finally the third category will be lifetime membership ($1000 onetime payment) which will get them up to 80% discount on selected items and where they will be enrolled in the Profit-Sharing Membership Program (PSMP) where the lifetime members pool will receive up to 15% monthly net profit distribution from PrusopeBlack undertakings. This is once in a lifetime opportunity where people will benefit from a business model that practically combines the Amazon + eBay + Costco + Salesforce + Facebook models.


The mission of PurposeBlack Marketplace is to serve as an eCommerce platform for all businesses that want to work with Black communities, particularly, small Black owned businesses where all the profits generated from the services the marketplace generates will be invested in Black Businesses in an effort to create the next generation of Black Millionaires.


To become the leading virtual marketplace established for the sole purpose creating the next Black millionaires.



  1. To become the largest eCommerce Marketplace that serves Black communities by 2025.
  2. To become one of the top 10 ecommerce marketplaces by 2030.
  3. o become the Biggest pan African eCommerce marketplace by 2030.
  4. To become a global eCommerce marketplace for 2 million vendors by 2030.
  5. To serve more than 100 million customers every month by 2030.