The blog page is coming

The Black economy Excellence for helping its partners and spreading awareness to the interested audience is now bringing up some informational blogs on its website. There will be frequent publications of the new projects and success stories that will keep the people updated about the work of the organization.

BEE aims towards building economic unity for change which can be said a transformation that will help the black community to live with dignity in the existing system of racial discrimination. The unending injustice and the unacquainted killings have made the positions of black despondent in society. BEE brings a platform for the people to put their efforts and bring together their resources to build the world’s largest black-owned collective wealth fund. This will enable blacks to influence the system and control media narrative through economic empowerment.

The BEE collective wealth fund gives out various benefits to the marginalized people by launching some of the largest black-fund owned iconic corporations in the world. The BEE initiates and projects will build a new economic order that will be under bringing remarkable benefits to the globally suffering marginalized communities. This initiative is for all the people out there who are facing economic injustice.

Some of their major targets include the following ideas:

1. Creating one billion black millionaires by the year 2030

The people of color have always faced injustice in different sectors. Its been hard for them for a long time to get equality and justice in their lives. The growing injustice has forced them to find a way to help themselves and such a marginalized community around the world by uniting together.

“It is a call for black people in this country to unite, to recognize their heritage, to build a sense of community. It is a call for black people to define their own goals, to lead their organizations.” Said Stokely Carmichael. HE was a prominent organizer in the civil rights movement. He has inspired many people to fight for their rights and make things possible by achieving their goals.

Inspired by his idea of uniting together, BEE aims to create one billion black millionaires by the year 2030. Where blacks can excel and climb the economic ladder by accessing the capital to start their business. The upcoming blogs will help the readers to know about the implementation of this idea and also help them spread a word between their family and friends and make this initiative of 2035 becomes successful.

2. Economically impact one billion blacks globally by the year 2035

The income ratio of blacks compared to the whites is 1/100 and also the median black income is just $1000 and that of the median white income is $1000000. This puts great effects on the family of black who are facing different economic problems along with inequality and injustice. BEE is trying to find a different way to end slavery and racism from the community of black people and thus they are planning to economically impact one billion blacks globally by the year 2035. This will empower the economic growth of the blacks and shortly BEE imagines a world with no longer existence of racism, there will be a change in the education system, and also the blacks have better opportunities in the business sector.

3. Make the blacks excel economically by creating the largest BEE wealth fund
The BEE wealth fund is the initiative that can empower the blacks towards forming a new system and benefiting the marginalized people worldwide. Often, there were times when a change in the system almost seemed impossible. But with the help of some great black leaders gradually things started changing. And today, BEE takes the responsibility to change the condition of blacks by excelling them economically. They are aiming towards the launch of some of the largest black fund owned Iconic
corporations in the world that will help marginalized people all over the world.

4.Creating the largest Black narrative media corporation in the world by the year 2030

BEE along with being concerned about economic empowerment, reclaiming back their dignity is the other thing that they are willing to achieve for the black community. For one or the other reason, there has been a distorted representation of the black’s life and reality by the media of all types. This also leads to misconceptions among the people about the black community and sometimes also there are misunderstandings in the attitude of the blacks themselves. Through such misconceptions and misunderstanding, blacks are facing negative real-world consequences.

And all this has lead to the foundation of the black media which will accurately give the right information to the audience about the blacks and their communities. Thus, BEE initiates the project of creating Creating the largest Black narrative media corporation in the world by the year 2030 having more than 25 million subscribers

This will end the economic disparity and give equal opportunities to the black community as the other communities in the system. The team of BEE is stirring towards an effort to make the blacks major economic players in the world.

A blog will provide a resource of information through which there will be complete transparency about the BEE mechanism and projects. The comment section in the blogs will make it interactive for the audience to ask for relevant queries. This will help the team of BEE to foster a better relationship with their partners and unite together to bring a historic change in the world.