1st Annual Global Black Economic Unity Summit, September 2021


Black Economy Excellence (BEE) is a new initiative established with a core belief that the centuries old systemic Black community economic marginalization can be stopped with economic empowerment. The goal of the initiative is to elevate Black’s impact and influence in the global economy and promote economic inclusion. To achieve this, BEE has developed and begun implementing an innovative perpetual Black community wealth generation model that strives to create a global Black economic

To attain this, BEE is organizing the First Global Black Economic Unity (GBEU) Summit, where the Black economic unity will be officially launched. The GBEU is planned to take place in September 2021 in Washington DC. The Black Economic Unity Summit is expected to draw organizations, corporations, community and political leaders, prominent personalities, celebrities, world leaders, and Black people from around the world who will discuss the state of Black economy and chart out a plan for the Black Economic unity.

To launch the Black Economic Unity and review progress annually


  • To become the largest Black Unity  event globally
  • To successfully conduct the annual summit every year.
  • To reach a goal of 250,000 participants within 3 years.
  • To make the event self sufficient financially within 3 years.
  • To produce the state of Global Black Economy Report every year
  • Event hallmarks

    -Summit Plenary and concurrent session


    -Cultural shows and concerts

    -Networking sessions

    -Summit galas and events

    -Activities of other Partner Organizations



-Summit Organizing Committee-Chairs and Co-Chairs

-Working Groups

-Co-Organizer Organizations Committee

-Co-Organizing  Sponsors Committee


-Committees and sub-Committees


Marketing/Sales Efforts





-Event Registration