Ermeyas Belachew was born and grew up in Ethiopia. He got Information Technology Degree and Masters from South Korea University. His first job is taught education in South Korea, Busan University. He is working as Full Stack Web Developer at DCNine Web Solution in the Washington, Virginia and Maryland area. He also worked on the famous shopping websites in the world, Shwfiredispays.com. He worked as a Full Stack Developer at Oculusalert, J.Louis Technology online software group, and Frontend developer for Mumbilit.com, one of the social websites located in the USA.

Ermeyas is currently working at PurposeBlack as a COO for marketplace and Director of Information Technology for PurposeBlack. PurposeBlack is one of the pillars of Black Economic Excellence (BEE) which is vested with the enormous responsibility of strategic direction to conduct technological research by studying BEE’s goal. The responsibility of the Director of IT plays a key role in the organization communication for both internal and external stakeholders.

For more information https://ermibela.com/