Technology Services Director
email =lamenewab@blackeconomyexcellence.com

Lamenew A. Biaschile is born and grew up in Ethiopia. He attended vocational training at the Department of Building and Construction Technology at the Vocational School of Ethiopia (TegbareEd). He graduated with a diploma from the department. He did his associates on IT at Venus Computer and Language Training Institute in Ethiopia. He did his bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics from Mekelle University. He won a scholarship and joined the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Department of Condensed Matter Physics and able to take advanced material and atmospheric physics courses.He did specialized training in SQL Server DBA/ DB Developer/BI after he moved to the United States. He has more than ten years of experience in teaching and managed different projects in the area of the construction business. He was a technical assistant in the Department of Applied Physics at Arba Minch University in Ethiopia. He has also worked as SQL Server Database Administrator and Assistant manager in the IT department for over five years.
Currently, he is working at Black Economic Excellence (BEE) with a Director position in the Technology Services Department.

Lamenew A. Biaschile is a social community organizer, civil rights advocator, and member of the sports fan club. It is his dream to see a world where varying perspectives are respected, and economic inclusion is real. It is also his dream to see the world use renewable energy resources 100%, and global warming is under control.