Board Member



Mr. Thomas Tilahun is a Co-Founder and an Administrator of Oceanside Home Health Services, Inc. Following a Business Administration major, his 22 years of experience as a businessman and an Administrator in the health care industry, has earned him industry as well as community respect. Mr. Tilahun received several awards for his outstanding leadership skills as well as management style.


His experience in the healthcare industry ranges from running a medical diagnostic company to owning a clinical laboratory and home health care agency. In his role as an administrator, he identifies and implements organizational structure, develops an annual operating budget, and implement an effective budgeting and accounting system. Mr. Tilahun manages financial resources according to budget and revenue projections and prepares complete financial reports as per Agency Policy.

He provides leadership in the development and maintenance of strategic long-range plans as well as data collection, recording, and reporting systems. Mr. Tilahun provides direction in formulating the programs and policies and identifies the legislative, community, and third-party payer issues that impact the agency’s development plan. He also assures compliance with the joint commission, federal/state, and insurance regulations governing home health care services.


Mr. Tilahun serves on the Professional Advisory Board and Quality Improvement Committee. He maintains public relations, marketing programs, and provides ongoing professional development to Agency staff.