Black Narrative Media (BNM)

The claim that black families are in disarray and were better off under slavery is not new. For various reasons, media of all types collectively offer a distorted representation of the lives and reality of black people. In turn, media consumption negatively affects the public’s understandings and attitudes related to blacks (sometimes including the understanding and attitudes of black people themselves). Furthermore, these distorted understandings and attitudes towards blacks lead to negative real-world consequences for them.

Scholars have long documented how news and opinion media warp public perceptions of race by reinforcing myths and stereotypes about people of color. This plays a dangerous role in spreading debunked stereotypes about black families. Studies found that, at best, media outlets promoted racially-biased portrayals and myths that pathologize black families concerning poverty and crime. At worst, media outlets amplified those inaccurate depictions for political and financial gain. Such reporting reinforces debunked narratives, helping to justify actions from police brutality to economic policies that will hurt not just black families but all families for generations.

All these reinforce the need for black media. A black media that accurately portrays the image of blacks and black communities. A mainstream voice of black peoples and one that informs and motivates black economic unity. Hence, BEE intends to fill this gap by establishing Black Narrative Media (BNM) that is envisaged to become the largest black-owned media corporation to serve as a voice to black people, to mobilize support for BEE, and promote black economic excellence through black economic unity.

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