What does BEE mean?
Black Economic Excellence
Is BEE a business entity?
BEE is not a business entity. It is a new initiative of Global Project Management Services (GPMS)
When was BEE launched?
Bee was launched at the beginning of July 2020
What is your website?
Our website is www.blackeconomyexcellence.com
Do you have contact number and email?
Our contact number is:

 833-WEBLACK (833-932-5225) and our email is :

What is GPMS?
Global Project Management Services (GPMS) is the parent company that owns and promotes Black Economy Excellence (BEE) Initiative.
IS GPMS Not-for-profit?
No, GPMS is not a not-for-profit company. GPMS is a public benefit corporation which is a corporation established to develop and launch business solutions that benefit economically marginalized communities all over the world and the profits it generates from its business ventures will be reinvested into the collective community wealth pool. The purpose being creation of perpetual Black Community Wealth.
Where is GPMS incorporated?
-GPMS is incorporated in the State of Maryland, USA, a as Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).
Who is the CEO of GPMS?
-The CEO and founder of GPMS is Dr. Fisseha Habtemariam.
Does GPMS has a Board?
– Yes, GPMS has a Policy Board comprised of 30 highly qualified experts.
What is the goal of BEE?
– The goal of BEE is to make Blacks major economic players globally and, in the process, to reclaim
their dignity and respect.
What are the targets of The four targets of BEE are:
1. To create 1 Million Black Millionaires (1MBM) by 2030
2. To Impact 1 billion blacks globally by 2035
3. To create the largest Black Wealth Fund (BWF) by 2035
4. To create the largest Back Narrative Media (BNM) organization with 25 million subscribers by 2030 BEE?



How does BEE plan to achieve its goals?              -BEE plans to achieve its goal of a black economic unity by establishing a Black Economy Wealth
Fund where Blacks and anybody that supports the economic development of Black Communities
globally can pool their money for a competitive return and the pooled money will be used to
establish some of the largest Black owned businesses within black communities, which in turn will
help BEE achieve its targets.
How can one participate in BEE?
– There are many ways individuals, organizations and corporations can participate in BEE.
1. Individuals can become volunteers in BEE activities
2. Individuals can invest in BEE ventures
3. Individuals can become grassroots mobilizers and establish BEE Champions Chapters within
their communities globally
4. Individuals can become BEE honorary advisors
5. Corporations can join the Corporate Partner for BEE (CPBEE) membership program
6. Corporations can sponsor some of BEE services and activities
7. Corporations can establish joint ventures with BEE on some of its businesses
8. Organizations can partner with BEE using the Founding Partner Platform
What is A BEE Champions Chapter?
-BEE Champions Chapters are a BEE accredited grassroots chapters of BEE established and run by
BEE supporters and volunteers. BEE chapters inform and mobilize individuals to join and support
BEE; mobilize individuals and companies to bring their financial resources into Black Economic
Unity pool or the Black Wealth Fund; promote the Black brand; help their communities develop
business proposals and get access to capital; and actively participate in various activities proposed
by BEE.
What is the Corporate Partner for BEE (CPBEE) Program?
-Corporations that support the BEE initiative will sign up for CPBEE membership where they get
various services that help their diversity and inclusion efforts. They will also be heavily promoted
by BEE as Black Champions and the thousands of BEE Subsidiary enterprises will only be doing
businesses with partner corporations.
How does BEE generate income?

-BEE will generate income through services it offers, and various products produced by its subsidiary
What is your funding strategy?
– Initial funding will be though seed capital contributions, corporate membership fees and merchandising. Eventually, funding will be through the Black Wealth Fund and profits that will be generated from the undertakings of its subsidiary companies.
What is your social media strategy?
-BEE will employee aggressive social medial campaigns to inform and promote the initiative.
How much credibility does your company has?
– Credibility is a function of effort and demonstrated accomplishment. BEE is a start-up and will take whatever is takes to establish impeccable credibility and public trust.
What risks do you expect?
-No business can grantee risk free undertaking. BEE has integrated various risk avoidance and risk
mitigation strategies in its business model.
What are the criteria to be a board member?
-BEE Board members are identified and selected using stringent criteria, such as: their expertise, education levels, accomplishments, track records and most importantly their passions and commitments to contribute to the realization of the BEE vision.
What is the benefit of being a board member?
-Board members own five percent of GMPS as a block.
What do you expect from volunteers?
-BEE expects passion, interest, and commitment from its volunteers.
What would be the benefit of being a volunteer?
-BEE volunteers will get employment and investment priorities.
Financially how strong is the organization?

-BEE is currently a startup, but the target is to make if a $ 1.5 Trillion major global corporation
within 15 years.
Where will BEE operate?
-BEE enterprises will operate globally