PurposeBlack Value Chain Corporation


PurposeBlack Value Chain Corporation is one of the great project ideas under Black Economy Excellence and organized as one of its subsidiaries in January 2021. Black Economy Excellence  is a new initiative launched in May 2020 through collaborative efforts of more than 135 individuals. As the name indicates, the goal of PurposeBlack is to offer economic solutions to some of the major problems of Black people all over the world. We strongly believe this is a great opportunity to position African and indigenous nations and Black people globally, at the center of a huge global initiative and benefit millions of people in the process.


To see an economically developed, influential and respected Black community in the world.

 To see a world where Black farmers and small-scale manufacturers are fairly compensated and have direct access to the global marketplace.

 We will provide best in class services that are innovative and strategically focused to empower the communities we serve.

 We will accomplish our goals in a responsive and cost-effective manner to ensure ongoing viability and success of our value chain mission

Current Activity

PurposeBlack Value Chain is Implementing its first set of projects in Ethiopia, in partnership with the newly established share company called PurposeBlack ETH. Primarily PurposeBlack ETH is serving as the Local Licensee Operator of PurposeBlack Global Company as an exclusive implementing agent in Ethiopia.


A value chain is all the activities and processes within a company that help add value to the final product. In today’s business landscape, companies across all industries are now more competitive than ever before. The agriculture value chain concept has been used since the beginning of the millennium, although there is no universally accepted definition for the term. It normally refers to the whole range of goods and services necessary for an agricultural product to move from farm to its final customer. The World Bank’s definition of the term ”value chain’’ describes the full range of value adding activities required to bring a product or service through the different phases of production, including procurement of raw materials and other inputs”.

The key to business continuity is resilience, and at the core of resilience is an ethical and sustainable-operating model. The PurposeBlack VCC model supports agility, flexibility, and influence to bring african farmers as sustainable competitors in the new world market. Profitability and shareholder returns are apparent priorities, but investors and consumers are making it clear that social purpose and environmental stewardship are critical to business success, credibility, relevance, and impact. The VCC is the platform and model to demonstrate the ethical and sustainable vision of business through action, innovation, collaboration, and transparency.


PurposeBlack’s Value Chain Corporation is the implementation arm of BEE’s end-to-end product-to-consumer model. Value chains help break down all the activities that go into producing a good or service and understanding areas of cost savings and differentiation. With a value chain, you can optimize efforts, eliminate waste, and improve profitability. The value chains help provide useful insights that can bring greater value to the end customer.

For example, you may find that a product can be produced at a lower cost by a subsidiary firm. In such a case, the company should outsource the production of the product to the subsidiary firm. The lower cost can then be passed on to the consumer as lower prices, which can help differentiate the product in the market and achieve a competitive advantage. 


Leveraging technology, to create an economically developed, influential and respected Black community in the world.

●   To create a social purpose organization which supports Black farmers and small-scale manufacturers in African & Caribbean countries to become globally competitive by adding value to their products.

   We will deliver the highest quality supplies and services, and ensure their availability at the lowest total delivered cost, in support of high quality items and products, and fiscally responsible operations supporting the farmers.


1. Helping Black farmers to produce globally competitive products and get fair prices for their products.

2. Reducing youth unemployment

3. Promote Diaspora investment.

4. Selling products at fair prices and stabilizing the consumer market.

5. Promoting exports and increasing foreign currency earnings.

6. Facilitating agricultural technology transfer.







      Funding entities

Implementation Schemes

1.     Completely joint operation – managed by us but company jointly owned

2.     Providing management services

3.  We own a social purpose industry – suppliers profit sharing scheme

4.     Funding facilitation


1.     To create a 10 billion Birr share company by offering shares to the public.

2. To construct a mega agro-processing complex that has 50 factories within it.

3.     To establish 5 Hypermarkets.

4. To establish 10 big supermarkets in Ethiopia.

5.   To build 1000 retail and distribution stores throughout Ethiopia.

6. To launch a big ecommerce platform which operates in Ethiopia and globally.

7.  To establish a media center to promote the services and products of PurposeBlack Ethiopia.

8.    To Launch 500 joint farming projects with Ethiopian Farmers.     

      Implementation arm of BEE’s E2E-P2C model:

      Mobilization of Digitization:

In addition to helping the farmers, the project will also help reduce the price of products to consumers, thus, helping stabilize the market and creating a win-win situation for all involved in the process. The project also plans to mobilize the African Diaspora to invest in the project of their respective countries., which will contribute to foreign currency earning. Moreover, besides distributing to the local market, the initiative also plans to enhance foreign currency earnings by exporting processed products globally.

Furthermore, the project will also create job opportunities for tens of thousands of unemployed youths in each African  countries contributing to the efforts being undertaken to reduce youth unemployment in Ethiopia

Funding Sources

  1. Contribution from suppliers
  2. Owns investment
  3. Other investors
  4. Loans
  5. Grants and Funding


      Research and database

      Project development

      Engineering and technical department

      Partnership development

      IT department

      Investor Relations

      Standards and compliance

      Marketing department

      General Services

      Product development

      Retail Distribution

E2E-P2C Model

●To empower farmers and youth economically and give them access to the global digital economy and create an opportunity for the diaspora to support the economic empowerment of farmers and youth.


      Launch a signature Teff project by end of 2021

      Launch at least 5 agro-processing businesses in two years

      Establish PurposeBlack Ethiopia share company by the end of 2021

      Make 10,000 youth direct beneficiaries of PBVCC project by 2023

      Establish a partnership with 10,000 farmers by 2023

      Mobilize 5,0000 diaspora to invest in PurposeBlack Ethiopia share company by end of 2021