Virtual Conference Invitation

Centuries-old racism and modern-day systemic racial discrimination can only be defeated with economic power and controlling the media narrative. One of the concrete ways to achieve economic power is to pool our resources and determine our own destiny. When we pool our resources, we will be able to build collective perpetual wealth that will allow us to defeat the system that had us crippled for centuries. Collective wealth helps us influence the system and control our own destiny.

It is time for black economic unity and black economic power play. We have to say enough is enough and join hands and stand together, by operating from the center of excellence. To achieve this, we have launched a global Black Economic Excellence (BEE), a paradigm-shifting organization that strives with excellence by creating the groundbreaking Global Black Economic Unity to unleash the black economic power ever seen. Our goal is to reclaim our dignity through economic empowerment.

To achieve this, BEE has commenced preparation to launch the Global Black Economic Unity (GBEU) on the First Global Black Economic Unity Summit, which Is planned to take place in September 2021 in Washington DC. The Black Economic Unity Summit is expected to draw organizations, corporations, community and political leaders, prominent personalities, celebrities, world leaders, and Black people from around the world.

To facilitate this, BEE has organized a virtual conference on the Global Black Economic Unity summit. Join us virtually on September 19, 2020, at 4 pm est. Please send us your confirmation at info@blackeconomyexcellence.com.