Director of Research


Yosef Nega Ketema is a management, business development and organizational development professional with more than 15 years of extensive experience under his sleeves. He has specialized in management and has earned his MBA from UNITY UNIVERSITY. He is known for his quick adaptation to different environment and culture while being a versatile. His all-rounded professional experience ranges from Management, leadership and Communication to Marketing, Project management, and Organization development.
Yosef has navigated across different industries and sectors including but not limited to; the Education sector – Unity University, starting from a personal assistant to the President all the way to and Senate membership; the entertainment industry working with renowned Ethiopian musicians such as Abegassu K. Shiota, Henock Temesgen, Girum Mezimur, and more organizing and managing businesses, concerts and projects; the automotive industry working as a marketing manager of the Isuzu brand; the real estate sector, working as a marketing and customer relations manager, and resources and stakeholders affairs manager; and the manufacturing industry as a Deputy General Manager to one of the leading coffee exporters in Ethiopia. In addition, he works as a consultant in organization development and system establishment, organization analysis and restructuring, human resources management and recruitment, and Branding.

Yosef cherishes his natural ability of knowledge sharing. He enjoys his time lecturing in classes of Unity University, giving back to the institution that laid a foundation to his professional career. He has given courses ranging from introductory to senior classes. In addition, he takes time to mentoring individuals to advance their careers. Many benefited from his advisory in career and education path selection. Yosef is a sociable person, a reasonable leader, an understanding co-worker, a change agent, a loving husband, and a caring father. His leisure time after investing most in the family and social and voluntary activities, is taken by his passion to art where he practices music instruments (the local Kirar, guitar, piano, and flute), writing poetry; and wood work. Yosef is currently Director of Research for PurposeBlackMedia.