Dr. Fisseha H.

Founder and CEO


phone no = 8339325225
email = ceo@blackeconomyexcellence.com

The Black Economy Excellence Initiative founder and CEO, Dr. Fisseha E. Habtemariam is a passionate educator, social entrepreneur, civil rights advocate, and researcher with 25+ years of distinguished academics and business careers.


He is well known for creating numerous businesses that have a profound social and economic impact. He is a household name in Ethiopia for starting a massive revolution in higher education.


Dr. Fisseha founded the first and largest prestigious accredited private university named Unity in Ethiopia. At its peak, Unity University offered education services to more than 12,000 students. Dr. Fisseha strongly believed in the economic and social impact of education. Thus, he launched the Girls’ Education Project and personally gave free scholarships to more than 5,000 girls from economically disadvantaged families.


Dr. Fisseha was also instrumental in initiating numerous innovative social and business endeavors that transformed the lives of many Ethiopians. Some of these businesses and initiatives include:


Pan Africa Free University
Reliance Africa
Pan Africa Broadcasting Corporation Initiative
Ethiopian National Payment Gateway
Ethiopian Property Management Services
Youth Leadership Project
Eletawi Addis Publication
ABBI Publications
Myfashion Magazine
One Band initiative
Merkato Online Initiative
Green World Investments

As a result of his numerous creative and inspirational endeavors and accomplishments, Dr. Fisseha was the recipient of many national and international awards and recognitions including, “World Young Entrepreneurs 2000 Award”, a United Nations-sponsored award, USA, “Pioneer Investor Award” for years 2000/2001 from Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, and “Investors Day Award” in education services a trophy which was awarded by the President of Ethiopia in 2002.


Dr. Fisseha was an active participant in various public service organizations which includes:

Founder & Secretary of Ethiopian Center for Strategic Studies
Founder & Chairman of the Ethiopian Private Higher Education Institutions Association
Founder and Chairman of the Ethiopian Higher Education Sports Association
President of the Clean & Green Addis Ababa Society
Board Member of St. Georges Football Club
Board member of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce
Executive Committee member of Ethiopian Public Health Association
Publication Officer of Ethiopian Journal of Health Development
Founder and General Secretary of Ethiopian Transitional Council
Founder and President of One Ethiopia Movement
Founder of Medemer In Action Movement
Member of the Project Management Institute


Prior to establishing Unity University, Dr. Fisseha was teaching health care management as an Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University School of Public Health. He also worked as a physician at Ethiopian Airforce Hospital. After moving to the United States, Dr. Fisseha worked as a clinical trial project manager in various organizations. Dr. Fisseha holds a Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Public Health from Addis Ababa University and has an ABD, Doctor of Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.