Black Economic Excellence (BEE) is proud to announce that it has officially launched one of its flagship projects, the Corporate Partners for BEE (CPBEE). BBE launched the corporate membership initiative for partners that value diversity and inclusion and appreciate the effort being undertaken to create Black Economic Excellence and want to partner with BEE to make the BEE initiative a success. This is a membership platform where corporations receive several services that will help their inclusion and diversity efforts. BEE launched the CPBEE program by hiring ten sales managers who will be leading the CPBEE sales effort. The sales managers have already started intensive sales training and they in turn have commenced assembling their respective teams by hiring sales associates. The CPBEE programs invite anybody who wants to be hired as a contract sales associate who may directly contact the CPBEE sales managers to obtain additional information and benefit from the opportunity. BEE is also in preparation to launch an intensive promotional campaign inviting corporations to join the CPBEE program.

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